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BSO Arty Check up
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Some concern that the BSO Arty isn't working correctly at the moment.

  • Test with LAMBs
  • Test with DAC
  • Test with LAMBs on Server
  • Test with DAC on Server

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Walker triaged this task as High priority.Oct 24 2020, 7:54 AM
Walker created this task.
Walker edited projects, added Preset (r33); removed Preset.

There is some kind of issue with the LAMBs arty, not really too sure whats going on here. It seems quite intermittent.

nKenny talks about he's planning a rework for one of the versions up soon so don't want to worry about this too much.

DAC is also having an issue. The way the DAC system works is it deletes the arty shell the arty fires, and then spawns ammo above the target. This is what gives you endless options for munitions on the arty. The Config examples are things like T72's being used to fire smoke grenades for example. Issue seems to sit on the ammo creation.

Continuing to work out where the error is. Might edit the event handler to not delete the shell it fires, because that would pretty much instantly make the arty "work"

The way the DAC arty works is it fakes the rounds and just fires them infront of the target.

Will look again at why the shells arn't spawning, but I'm starting to think a full rewrite might be in order...

We're mercy to the LAMBS rewrite...