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The thing you suggested! I want!

NIArms DL-44 magazines for some weapons for a bit of fun sci-fi-ness. Suggest these:

  • M4 (So a "Stanag"?)
  • SIG-510 (Maybe a big "MG" mag too?)
  • MG3/42
  • MP5

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BennySouthSt triaged this task as Feature Request priority.Sep 2 2020, 9:44 PM
BennySouthSt created this task.
Walker added a subscriber: Walker.

pretty sure you were doing a THING

Walker to take a look at sound shite

Walker raised the priority of this task from Feature Request to Low.Mar 27 2021, 10:46 AM

Want to try and get this in next preset update, so will put on WIP

Walker edited projects, added Preset (R36); removed Preset.

NEEDS MORE GATS will delay to next update

Walker edited projects, added Preset; removed Preset (R36).

Release went into r36 but more stuff required plz